Our FTE series of juice extractors is designed to process a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to produce delicious, high quality juice and puree. It separates the solids from the liquid phase through an excellent refining performance. Additional features in include its securely mounted motor, offering vibration-free operation.

FTE-CE Cold Extractor

Cold extraction is the latest development in fruit and vegetable puree extraction and the FTE-CE does it even better as it’s special design ensures that fruit stem and seeds are not damaged and don’t release bitter taste in the product.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced floor space
  • Optional electrical panel board
  • Capability of rotation speed up to 2,000 RPM
  • Gentle product handling, quality control and configurability
  • Securely mounted motor provides virtually vibration-free operation


  • Motor offered from 55 kW (FTE50) to 110 kW (FTE100) without any frame modifications
  • Flow rate at full speed can attain 100 MT/hour depending on product variety, temperature and screen size
  • This JBT product can be easily adjusted for a variety of incoming products and finished products characteristics such as fruits, vegetables, tomato products, pastes, purees, etc.

Options & Models

  • FTE 50 and FTE 100
  • FTE-CE 50 and FTE-CE 100