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The JBT MORE 4.0 (Modular Oil Recovery Extractor) embodies many new features that improve safety, simplify operation, reduce maintenance and expand connectivity. It’s an integral part of the modern industrial citrus cold-pressed essential oil recovery system.The function of the MORE 4.0 is to optimize the primary extraction of high quality essential oils by producing a lighter and cleaner oil emulsion which easily separates to achieve the maximum yield.The MORE 4.0 can be adjusted electronically by the processor to adapt to the fruit flow, conditions, and characteristics of the citrus fruit being processed. Post-installation remote support is offered by JBT via internet connection to the MORE 4.0.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves oil recovery quality and yields compared to standard extraction processes
  • Can be adjusted electronically by the processor to adapt to the flow, conditions and characteristics of the fruit being processed
  • Networked Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Enables precise flow and surge bin level control
  • Real time weight control for yield monitoring
  • Local and remote configuration for fast support response
  • Intelligent alarms reported to the HMI and iOPS gateway
  • Recipes and data logging for main process variables
  • iOPS-Ready
  • iOPS® Intelligent Operations by JBT, the solution for the Industry 4.0 (IoT/IIoT)
  • Cloud-based performance optimization platform
  • Management information of the equipment and the oil processing system available through an internet browser, on the iOPS web portal, on your computer or even mobile devices


  • Several speeds options:
  • 4-16 MT/hour of lemons
  • 8-30 MT/hour of oranges
  • Self-contained two-stage defect removal system
  • 10 modules, 40 rollers and 42,000 discs

Options & Models

  • MORE 4.0 operates on all citruses in order to extract and recover as much high quality oil as possible