A versatile, easy to use system to process fruits and vegetables into juices and purees

When it comes to producing liquid and semi-liquid products, efficiency and versatility are essential. JBT’s FVPGrow is an industrial juicer that offers superior performance for the production of juices and purees. The machine reliably processes whole fruits and vegetables to create delicious, high-quality end products while reducing downtime, unnecessary waste, and cost of ownership.

The FVPGrow efficiently and accurately separates seeds, skins, and extraneous particulate material to produce consistent and superior liquid and semi-liquid products. It features a range of customizable add-ons, simple and intuitive operation, high-capacity application, a compact design, and easy maintenance and cleaning systems. This heavy-duty commercial juicer is ideal for manufacturers looking to increase their production capabilities while improving the efficiency of their existing operation and saving money and time.

Features & Benefits

The FVPGrow is more than a traditional commercial juice extractor. Instead, it offers you a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities using state-of-the-art materials and technology to bring your operation into the future.

  • Compact design – The FVPGrow offers a space-saving design to fit into smaller floor plans and reduce overall footprint without sacrificing efficiency or power. 
  • High-speed performance – With a capacity of approximately one ton per hour, you can expect to see significant increases in system efficiency and production capabilities.
  • Quality construction – The system is made with corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless-steel food contact surfaces. 
  • Hygienic design – Fast disassembly and easy access allow for more efficient cleaning and sterilization, reducing downtime and protecting customer safety. 
  • Increased yield –  Curved paddles at both the feed and discharge ends, help draw the product through the chamber, significantly reducing product loss.
  • Consistent product distribution – An endless screw evenly distributes the product across the screen, loading it uniformly and reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance while improving end-product consistency.
  • Ease of operation – Intuitive controls allow for simple and safe operation with reduced training requirements.
  • Flexibility of use – JBT offers optional equipment add-ons to further customize performance.

Making Juicing Easy & Painless

The automated and flexible design of the FVPGrow makes juice production easier than ever, while ensuring that you maintain control over your system and yield. The machine offers fast and high-capacity juicing of a variety of whole fruits and vegetables.

The FVPGrow commercial cold press juicer offers a uniquely compact design. Its space-saving dimensions reduce your footprint, allowing it to easily fit into plants of various sizes. It also makes transportation a breeze, providing greater control over positioning to serve your specific production needs.

How To Use the Product

JBT’s FVPGrow offers intuitive and highly efficient processing, giving you control over application specifications and performance for more accurate yield estimations. The whole fruit or vegetable product is fed through the inlet chute either manually or automatically and is crushed before entering the paddle finisher. 

The endless screw then automatically transports the product into the main chamber where three stainless-steel paddles curve at the feed and discharge ends to draw the product through the chamber where the used product is automatically disposed of through the discharge area. Additionally, pomace dryness and product recovery can be controlled by combining the following two adjustments:

  1. Paddle-to-screen clearance
  2. Discharge gate pressure

Looking for Additional Add-Ons?

The FVPGrow can be equipped with optional add-ons for further and more precise customizations. These include:

  • A VFD to adjust paddle speeds, allowing you to increase customizability in terms of yield, quality, distribution, and pomace
  • A cleated feed belt for easier and quicker loading processes
  • An automatic spray ring (ASR) to automatically rinse the screen
  • A wide range of screen perforation configurations to adapt to a variety of specialized applications


Do you offer maintenance for FVPGrow?

Yes! JBT is more than just a manufacturer of food-processing technology. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients receive ongoing support to help them reach their full potential at every stage. We offer comprehensive, ongoing maintenance and services for all of our high-tech equipment. Our expert support team is available day and night and can offer you advice, repair services, and fast access to new upgrade kits and replacement parts to keep your operation running smoothly.

Do you provide training on how to use this system?

Absolutely! We offer staff training to ensure that each and every one of our systems can be operated easily and safely. But it doesn’t stop at system operation. We tailor our training process to meet your specific needs regarding all aspects of your system, from cleaning and maintenance to control systems and food safety.

What is an automatic spray ring (ASR)?

If you’re looking to further automate your commercial juice extractor, the FVPGrow can be fitted with an optional automatic spray ring. An automatic spray ring provides superior efficiency and reduced manual labor during production. It is configured to cycle across the screen to rinse it with water or a specialized solution depending on your specific preferences.

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