The Avure Tilt Basket unload station allows for efficient and easy removal of product from the HPP basket for your material handling needs. The system increases the speed of unloading baskets thus reducing labor costs. All units have a manual hand control valve for air cylinder operation and are stainless steel construction with a bead blast finish.

Avure’s systems are designed for versatility and longevity and work with either the AV-M or AV-X High Pressure Processing (HPP) Machines. Avure systems are designed to comply with the strictest of sanitary design standards and are easily cleanable, reliable and safe.

After the basket leaves the vessel, the basket is conveyed to the end point, an operator removes the lid from the end of the basket and the basket is tilted so that the product empties onto a conveyor for downstream processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and efficient unloading of baskets
  • Reduced labor costs, improved productivity
  • Ergonomic unloading, less chance of workplace injuries
  • Saves valuable floor space


  • Footprint: 5′ (1.5 m) in length
  • Ergonomic conveyor height: 38″ (1 m)