Optimize HPP production for better equipment control and operation with JBT-Avure’s iOPS.

JBT-Avure iOPS is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software for improved HPP factory utilization, visibility and control. With iOPS manufacturers can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it immediately. Get access to important production effectiveness data in real time to locate bottlenecks and root causes through production and machine utilization reports.

iOPS collects data 24/7 and uploads to a military grade secure cloud service. From connection to transmission and storage, all data is fully encrypted with two-factor authentication. By monitoring OEE & downtime, manufacturers can pinpoint failures within the HPP production environment. The data can then be analyzed and viewed from different angles with user friendly dashboards. The insights gained help to formulate improvement measures in your production line.


  • Analytic status reports
  • Real time trending available
  • Configurable alarms and triggers
  • Powerful drill-down reporting
  • Operational benchmarking to compare performance over time


iOPS Main Dashboard

The main iOPS® dashboard contains high level key performance indicator statistics for measuring OEE, Availability, Productivity and more. Click on any of the information buttons on the main dashboard to drill down to detailed granular KPI data. All dashboards generate reports and filter by date ranges, with drill down by predefined time periods or zoom on month, week and day. Detailed, color coded-graphs and charts enable the maintenance team to quickly view and analyze data and formulate improvement measures in the production line. Additional filters include the ability to sort by lot, batch, recipe, alarm, operator and customer.

JBT Avure iOPS - Dashboard

iOPS Detail Dashboards

Customer Quote

The dashboard enables you to have the right information quickly whereas before we had to go back and revise the old data we had on the machine,” he says. “It gives us a good picture of how efficiently we are working with a machine and how efficient individual operators are. We found for example that we were losing time by manually filling machines and by changing that we have been able to save 45 minutes per week between four-five people increasing productivity with almost 4 hours per week.”

Willem van de Ven 
Site Manager, Pascal Processing