Avure introduces another expandable HPP machine.

Projecting production volume and choosing the right machine size is a big decision. Go small, and you may need to purchase another machine much sooner than you thought. Go big, and you get stuck with too much capacity.

Features & Benefits

  • Annual Capacity
  • Up to 39.9 million lbs/ 18.1 million Kilograms with 3 minute hold
  • Up to 59.1 million lbs/ 26.8 million Kilograms with 1 minute hold


  • The AV-20M easily upgrades to 30M, and 40M
  • Cut energy costs by 50%
  • Highest possible throughput
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Advanced cylinder design for longest life
  • Innovative engineering lowers operating costs
  • Reliable performance and profits

Options & Models

  • AV-20M
  • AV-30M
  • AV-40M
  • AV-10
  • AV-S
  • AV-X