Our GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer is the latest in our extensive range of spiral freezers. It replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 spiral freezers while retaining all the best Frigoscandia technology, including FRIGoBELT® NOVA self-stacking belt which is available with a 10-year warranty. We designed our GYRoCOMPACT GC 60 to be more compact and with an amazing 65% reduction in drive power compared to the previous generation. It is capable of freezing capacities of up to 3,500 kg/hour, depending on product and freezer specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Stronger, more reliable design with smaller footprint
  • Automatic lubrication systems lowers oil consumption by 20%
  • High efficiency fans provide lower energy consumption
  • Stainless steel evaporators enhance heat transfer rates
  • New ProLINK® user friendly controls


  • Self-Stacking stainless steel mesh belt for the ultimate in product hygiene
  • Clockwise (CR) or Counter Clockwise (CCR) belt rotation for flexible configuration
  • Modular stainless steel sloped floor and belt Drive
  • Caulked enclosure panels for ease of installation
  • Vertical airflow and counter current heat transfer

Options & Models

  • Three different levels of CIP systems matching different production needs
  • LVS refrigeration system for optimal energy efficiency of the refrigeration system
  • Air Defrost system, ADF, for increased uptime between defrost in an efficient way
  • Available in three different maximum product height configurations (65, 85, 105 mm)
  • Each spiral system will be tuned specifically to your production process and can be designed also as a proofing system, according to your requirements