Our Northfield LST is one of the largest industrial structure supported spiral freezers on the market today.  The ultra-robust design offers reliability and economy for large volume processors producing over 36,000 lbs. per hour of frozen product.  We have custom engineered each LST freezer to accept very heavy belt loads up to 40 lbs. per linear ft. (60kg per linear meter) of belt.  Our structure design and material selection result in lower maintenance requirements, longer component life and reduced downtime.  Field studies comparing the Northfield LST to conventional spiral designs show the LST construction is dramatically stronger in high-stress areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel or plastic belt options
  • For high volume packaged or IQF food products
  • Available in CR Clockwise or CCR Counter Clockwise rotation
  • Ideal for tall and heavy products where extreme belt drive torque is required


  • Fully seam welded stainless steel floor
  • Standard caulked enclosure panels for ease of installation and start up
  • Available in usable belt widths from 24 to 60 inches with speeds up to 130 Fpm
  • No. of tiers from five to 35+ tiers of belt

Options & Models

  • Available with infinite design combinations of tier pitch (height between belt), belt length (no. of tiers), belt widths, and belting materials
  • Multiple heat exchanger sizes and no. of fans
  • Fully seam welded stainless enclosure
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) system
  • Sequential defrost and ADF Air Defrost System
  • Optional Layouts include descending stack, twin stack, duplex/twin belt
  • Optional Airflows include horizontal over and under, vertical up flow or down flow, double vertical up flow and down flow
  • High hygiene evaporator
  • Patented LVS® Low Volume refrigerant feed system