Over the years, our Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT self-stacking belts have produced more than half of the entire world’s frozen food and much of the world’s chilled food items. Our success has been based on application and manufacturing expertise, superior technology and world-wide support and logistics. We have over 50 years of experience, 10,000 installations and literally millions of feet of belt in service. Our FRIGoBELT Nova sets a new standard for self-stacking belt technology. We manufacture to our own unique design and employ the latest robotic welding process to assure quality and precision.

Features & Benefits

  • Following are the main benefits of our improved side link technology:
  • Increased lateral strength
  • Multiple rod diameter option create maximum flexibility in belt selection
  • A wider belt foot for reduced wear
  • Improved interlocking for exceptional reliability
  • Increased contact surface raises stability and reduces wear
  • Double air infiltration holes for improved functionality


  • Compatible with current drive systems
  • Self-stacking belt and FRIGoDRIVE® drive systems are designed and manufactured as an integral component of our GYRoCOMPACT ovens and freezers