Viscous, non-pumpable materials like heavy liquid batters, tempura, and marinades can be applied to your product particularly well with our alco dipper. The products sit in between an upper and lower belt and are guided through a bath of coating media, e.g. a BBQ marinade or tempura batter. By means of an adjustable blower system, the excess coating material can be removed. That way, you get a product according to your taste.

Perfectly suitable for BBQ products, tempura coated products, fried fish, nuggets, vegetables and plant-based meat alternatives

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for all viscous coating materials
  • The product is run through a bath of coating media; the coating media is not pumped
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • Easy-to-clean design, to be cleaned without any auxiliary tools, no parts dismantling required
  • Additional accessories available, such as the batter mixer for automatically mixing the batter material and filling the dipper vessel with it


  • Available in 400, 600, 700 and 1.000mm belt widths
  • An air knife removes excess materials from the top and bottom of products through an adjustable blower system to maintain desired pick up with an additionally integrated material return system
  • The PLC control regulates the system in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc.
  • A pivotable outlet belt optimally transfers the product to downstream equipment
  • Use outlet openings to conveniently empty and clean the equipment tray
  • The optional double-wall design makes it possible to inject a coolant to cool the coating material through a double-wall design