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An integrated part of the Stein SUV Ultra “V” coating line, the SUV Ultra V batter applicator provides the ultimate in process and product flexibility.  This conveyorized batter applicator features a top submerger hold down for total immersion style application or an overflow style with a batter recirculation pump. The SUV Batter Applicator can handle standard or lightly leavened batters and a wide range of food substrates.  A truly versatile machine.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable top submerger hold down accommodates products of varying heights
  • Overflow style has two or four curtain overflow to insure complete coverage
  • Variable speed drive from 0-60 FPM
  • Centrifugal style recirculation pump and batter blow off to help maintain pick-up
  • Can be used with an automatic batter mixer system
  • Improved process control, repeatability, and ease of set up


  • Designed for applying standard or lightly leavened batters to a wide range of food substrates prior to the breading application or fryer step
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Push button or PLC controls available

Options & Models

  • Models:
  • SUV-BA-(xxx) – Available in 600mm, 850mm, or 1000mm usable belt widths
  • Options:
  • Infeed conveyor extension
  • Available in electric or hydraulic drives
  • Positive displacement style recirculation pump