Mixing, searing, cooking, reduction, and cooling: an entire production line in just one machine! Our HotCook is the complete all-purpose solution! Don’t make matters more difficult than they need to be; count on tested and field-proven technology that combines the function of a mixer and cooker. The highly efficient and rapid heat transfer of the HotCook from JBT ALCO ensures that seared food keeps its fresh taste. The HotCook also guarantees an ideally homogeneous mixing result, as changeable rotating devices thoroughly mix sauces and stews. Thanks to the paddle tools and even temperature distribution of our HotCook, nothing will get scorched on you!

Our HotCook is suitable for mixing, cooking, searing, sautéing, braising, cooking with direct steam injection as well as for reduction and re-cooling of products. What’s special about our HotCook is that it’s a real all-rounder. Even sensitive products can be processed in a perfectly gentle way.

Perfectly suitable for soups, sauces, stews, fillings, ready meals, ground meat products, seafood concentrates, confectionary, vegetable preparations, and ethnic food dishes.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly developed cooking mixer for cooking and searing of a wide variety of products
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution and optimal mixing characteristics even with big batches thanks to the heated double jacket and two mixing paddle shafts
  • Outstanding range of different equipment options for numerous types of processes
  • High flexibility in meeting special requirements
  • Two large pneumatically operated discharge flaps
  • Pneumatic cylinders, process valves, seal and bearing housings etc. in stainless steel design


  • The enormous capacity with innovative technology cooks up to 4000l of product mass at the desired temperature with mixer paddles and temperature-resistant scrapers
  • A special double-jacket design ensures high surface temperatures along the mixer walls with optimal and rapid heat transfer, including insulated machine walls
  • The PLC control system controls the machine in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc
  • The optional vacuum cooling unit is used for product cooling through precise suctioning of steam by a high-performance vacuum unit, working based on the principle of the enthalpy of water
  • Thanks to heating with direct steam injection, cooking temperatures are reached much faster, resulting in high-quality final products


  • Available as the HotCook AHC and the HotCook Swing, for smaller batch sizes and quick product changes