Achieve higher yields, superior hygiene, and unprecedented convenience with JBT FTNON’s innovative magnetic onion peeler.

The FTNON 200 Magnetic Onion Peeler (MOP-200) adheres to the newest and strictest hygiene standards in the world, reaching new heights in onion-peeling technology and simplifying production lines across diverse markets. Combining robust performance capabilities with improved ease-of-use and lower maintenance costs, this machine is built to boost profits across the board.

Developed by JBT FTNON in collaboration with Gillis Onions and the United States Department of Agriculture, this groundbreaking one-of-a-kind peeler offers higher yields and better quality, while optimizing cleanliness and safety. Even at first glance, it’s clear that the MOP-200 differs from existing machinery as it features sleek lines and integrated controls. Using built-in permanent super-magnetism technology, our expert engineers were able to eliminate the use of wires, tubes, belts, and springs. The result is the most streamlined, simple-to-operate and easy-to-clean peeling machine on the market, running with frictionless components.

Optimize your processing potential and carve out your competitive advantage with this innovative technology.

Features & Benefits

JBT FTNON’S state-of-the-art magnetic onion peeler is carefully constructed to exceed the highest standards of hygiene, yield, and convenience, protecting the integrity of your brand and allowing you to bring your entire system into the future.

  • Cutting-edge design – The MOP-200’s super-magnetic technology eliminates the need for wires, tubes, belts, and springs, allowing for greater flexibility of use and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Convenient operation – The system focuses on allowing for high-powered functionality with a simple, easy-to-use control system, making your processes more efficient and safer. 
  • Hygiene efficiency – By limiting the number of components and ensuring that they can be disassembled easily, the sanitation process is simple, quick, and more effective than ever.
  • Durable construction – The magnetic design reduces friction on the machine during use, eliminating the wear and tear that occurs with traditional peelers.
  • Increased yield – With a capacity of up to 120 onions per minute and simplified cleaning/maintenance processes, you’ll get the most out of your uptime while reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and contaminations.
  • Flexibility of use – JBT offers an array of customizable configurations and add-ons to ensure the magnetic onion peeler fits seamlessly into your operation.

Unprecedented Process & End-Product Flexibility

The MOP-200 delivers optimum efficiency while minimizing operational requirements. Here’s how it works:

  1. Product is fed into the hopper and transported via adjustable fingers. The machine’s wiper system ensures onions are singulated before they’re positioned into cups, which move them to the peeling section.
  2. An operator ensures the onions are positioned horizontally in each cup, after which they’re topped and tailed by automated knives that follow the shape of the onion. During this process, onions are kept in the cups via an adjustable pressure system.
  3. An incision mechanism slices the front and back of each onion horizontally, easing the removal of the outer skins. The depth of these incisions can be set to one or more layers, depending on processing needs.
  4. After the incisions are made, the magnetic-driven peeling wheel removes each onion from its cup and rotates it frictionlessly in a magnetic holder. 
  5. While rotating each onion around its own axis, another incision is cut around its entire circumference. This incision can also be adjusted to remove one or more layers.
  6. A directed air jet blows the detached skins from the onions, and the waste is then transported to a waste hopper via a funnel system.


Is the system customizable?

Absolutely. The magnetic onion peeler can be fitted with additional features to offer you greater convenience and ease-of-operation to meet your specific protection goals. 

With the MOP-200, you can:

  • Place the outfeed of peeled onions on the left or right side
  • Connect your machine to the internet to receive real-time JBT technical support 
  • Get a spare-parts kit to ensure convenient maintenance
  • And more!

What are the product requirements for the MOP-200?

When operating the system, onions should be of reasonable quality with relatively smooth/rounded shapes for optimal performance. In terms of product size, they should maintain a diameter of roughly 60mm (2 ½”) to 140mm (5 ½”). Additionally, the diameter variation of the onions per each operation should not exceed 20 mm (0.8”).

Is there a separate control panel for the machine?

Yes! The MOP-200 comes with a stainless-steel control panel that is designed to be placed next to the machine. Controls are simple and straightforward, requiring minimal training and offering maximum user safety. Because the machine always holds the center of the onion, you don’t have to input multiple complex settings to make adjustments. Just a few clicks allow you to customize functionality to accommodate different onion sizes and types.

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