Remove sweet-pepper cores and problematic seeds with unmatched efficiency and versatility

Our expert engineers developed the JBT FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer to deliver maximum flexibility and performance. Featuring a staggering capacity of up to 5,500 sweet peppers per hour and ultra-precise automated clamping, decoring, cleaning, and segmenting of peppers have never been simpler. Peppers can be divided into halves, quarters, sixths, or eighths depending on your needs.

At JBT, we always strive to create solutions that streamline your operations and save you money, time, and effort. With its compact and hygienic design, this machine empowers you to achieve high yields and consistent results with minimal space, cleaning, and maintenance required.

Harness the power of technology to reach new heights in terms of precision, quality, and performance.

Features & Benefits

The Sweet Pepper Decoror sets new standards for decoring technology. Don’t be fooled by its compact design. This system offers you powerful, high-capacity performance at every stage. With state-of-the-art automation technology and user-friendly operation, you’ll see an increase in your processing potential and your bottom line.

  • Flexibility of use – The system can be conveniently managed with one or two operators, allowing you to organize your process to suit your needs.
  • High-capacity performance – The Sweet Pepper Decoror offers efficient yield production, with a capacity of up to 5,500 pieces per hour with two operators or 2,000 with one.
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance – With a hygienic design and easy access to components, cleaning and maintenance is easier than ever.
  • Quality end-product – The intelligent, customized decoring design ensures a reliable, perfectly decored end-product with almost no loose seeds.
  • Precise automation – This machine utilizes cutting-edge technology to automatically center bell peppers and determine coring depth.
  • Space-saving design – Its compact footprint offers you additional floor space and greater control over your production setup.

High-Capacity, Flexible Processing

The JBT FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorder is designed and built to deliver maximum performance that accommodates diverse processing needs and goals:

  1. Up to four bell peppers at a time can be placed manually in the clamping system by one or two operators (depending on your processing needs) from crates/boxes or by infeed conveyor (optional).
  2. As the clamps close, peppers are automatically centered before the drum holding the peppers begins to turn stepwise.
  3. In the first rotational step, all green stems are removed from the peppers; in the second rotational step, the machine senses the height of the peppers to set the coring depth, and pneumatic coring devices remove the pepper cores.
  4. The inside of each pepper is cleaned with an overpressure air system and cores, loose seeds, and stems are collected separately via an integrated outfeed belt.
  5. The cored and cleaned peppers are cut lengthwise into halves or quarters by a pneumatic segmenting section, before the cut end product is fed out underneath the machine where it can be collected by an outfeed conveyor (optional).


What are the size specifications of the Sweet Pepper Decorer?

The system packs a powerful punch for its unassuming size. This allows you to make the most out of your space without sacrificing the efficiency of your yield. The approximate size specifications of the Sweet Pepper Decoror are:

  • Height – 1,655 mm (65”)
  • Length – 2,175 mm (86”)
  • Width – 1,960 mm (77”)

What are the unit requirements?

To achieve the largest yield and best results, pre-sized bell peppers are recommended. The Sweet Pepper Decorer automatically measures unit height for accurate coring and thorough cleaning. 

Product specifications are as follows:

  • Min. diameter of bell pepper – 55 mm (2.2″)
  • Max. diameter of bell pepper – 120 mm (4.7″)
  • Min. height of bell pepper- 65 mm (2.6″)
  • Max. height of bell pepper – 170 mm (6.7″)

Are there any available add-ons to further customize the machine?

Yes! JBT offers several optional add-ons as well as standard customizations that allow you to personalize the Sweet Pepper Decor to suit your needs and help you reach your specific production goals.

Optional customizations include:

  • An infeed conveyor to add further automation
  • A swan-neck outfeed conveyor for cored/cut product
  • A knife section for dividing into two parts
  • The option to remove the knife section for the production of hollow, whole peppers

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