Yield – Hygiene – Convenience: these are the key features of our FTNON Magnetic Onion Peeler. It has specialized technology using permanent super magnetism, eliminating the use of wires, tubes, belts and springs resulting in a machine running with frictionless components, tremendously reducing the costs of maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • New hygienic design
  • Maximum “up-time” (lower maintenance costs)
  • Greater ease of use with adjustment of onion size
  • Improved yield, optimum peeling performance
  • Higher end-product quality with no contamination of product and waste
  • Sustainable equipment


  • Capacity ±80-100 onions per minute
  • The capacity is determined by the size of the onions, the capacity and the experience of the operator(s) and feed system to the onion peeler
  • Suitable for onions with a diameter of ±60 mm – 140 mm (2 ½” – 5 ½”)
  • Stainless steel design