A highly flexible washing solution for fruits and vegetables. The FTNON Multifunctional Washer is designed to remove soil particles and debris from the surface of the produce. The multifunctional washer consists of a wash tank, a transport conveyor with flights, overhead spray nozzles, pump tank with filter and control panel.

Features & Benefits

  • Air injection to create turbulence in the water
  • Pneumatic conveyor lift system
  • Rotating filter for improved water utilization
  • Cooling coil to help maintain constant water temperature of ±4° C (38° F)
  • Automatic electric valve stops water flow when pump stops to save water
  • Automatic filling valve fills washer quickly and automatically

Options & Models

  • Air Injection
  • Pneumatic conveyor lift system instead of manual winch
  • Rotating filter instead of static filter
  • Cooling coil
  • Automatic electric valve for fresh water spraying pipe
  • Automatic filling valve