JBT Brush Washer cleans the exterior of citrus fruit using a foaming detergent combined with brushes to remove dirt and debris.As the fruit contacts the rotating brushes, the fruit begins to spin; this tumbling effect maximizes the fruit surface exposed to the cleaning spray and the brush’s scrubbing action.The Brush Washer is constructed of stainless steel equipped with 27 brushes, two intake rollers and one discharge roller.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • All chains and drives are fully guarded
  • Lubrication system for all brushes and roller bearings, as well as all idle and drive shaft bearings
  • Oiler to lubricate the drive chain
  • All brushes and rollers are supported by self-aligning, sealed ball bearings


  • The JBT Brush Washer is ideal for citrus and other fruits to be properly cleaned and ready for processing

Options & Models