Processing, packaging, and extending the shelf life of ambient, shelf-stable, and refrigerated dairy products

JBT, Dairy Done Right

Dairy processing is a diverse and particular endeavor. Each product – and there are oh so many of them! – requires just the right preparation. This holds true whether you craft the smelliest of cheeses or the frothiest of milks.

Accomplishing the highest level of product perfection means you need the proper solutions organized in the correct way. Not to worry. JBT’s broad collection of dairy processing equipment is a perfect match for whatever manufacturing your food requires.

You’ll find machinery for filling, closing, and in-container sterilizing dairy products of every kind. Plus, JBT’s equipment for dairy processing lines can accommodate a variety of packaging – such as pouches, bottles, cartons, or cans. All in all, you’ll find solutions for products like:

  • Fresh or ESL (Extended Shelf Life) milk
  • UHT milk
  • Concentrated milk
  • Cream or dairy-based nutraceuticals
  • Retort processing of milk

JBT processing equipment leverages advanced technology. This locks in the taste and nutrition your consumers demand of their dairy products. It also ensures the product safety customers need.

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Outfitting Your Whole Operation

Pilot Rotary Megatort | JBT FoodTech

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to replace an individual machine or assemble a from-scratch, end-to-end processing system. Either way, JBT has what you need. Our huge portfolio of products has at least one or two options for each production step.

With the quality and variety of dairy processing equipment JBT offers, you’ll quickly see we carry more than just blow molders for milk bottling lines. Our extensive offerings let you:

  • Conveniently shop for equipment with one supplier
  • Customize your production line to fit your needs
  • Mix and match brands so you get exactly what you want
  • Replace single components of your current production set-up
  • Agilely respond to production process or regulatory changes
  • Smoothly scale your operations

You can even take it to the next level with JBT’s upgrade kitsparts, maintenance, and training options. 

The bottom line here? JBT can furnish every bit of equipment – ideally suited to your specific dairy products – that you require. We make creating your production line simple and frustration-free.

Smart Design for Better Dairy Processing

If you’re like JBT, you expect excellence from the initial product idea all the way through to the finished goods rolling off the manufacturing floor. After all, it’s this intense focus on quality and detail that can give you a leg up in your business.

It’s the drive that’s led JBT to thoughtfully engineer – from concept to construction – our dairy processing equipment. Intelligent features and functionality translate into saved time, money, and hassle for you. For instance, you’ll appreciate:

  • Construction that uses industry-leading methods and materials
  • Ability to integrate with other dairy processing machines
  • Customizability and configurability to your specifications
  • Fast, easy production switches
  • Less time for training and deployment
  • Greater equipment longevity
  • Higher resale value

The Easiest Dairy Processing Ever


When you select the best machines – ones that are expressly meant for creating your product – you’ve already taken a giant step in the right direction. It’s plain to see how establishing a high-functioning, purpose-built solution for your food product can resolve many of the challenges you face.

  • Automated processing
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Push-button production changeovers
  • Minimal training needed to operate
  • Reduces opportunities for human error
  • Options to address your specific needs

If that weren’t enough, JBT’s dairy processing lines make achieving your operational goals – like product quality targets, increased throughput, minimizing downtime, etc. – simple. It comes with the territory of using our equipment.

Reliability That’s Built-In

Nothing sours your day like an idle dairy plant. If the machines aren’t moving along at their intended clip, problems arise. Out-of-order equipment can lead to spoiled ingredients and unproductive labor. You need machinery you can have confidence in this week, next month, and for years to come. 

We understand the impacts unscheduled downtime has. It’s for this reason that JBT’s dairy processing equipment is so solidly constructed and uses the toughest materials. This commitment to durability results in:

  • Easier, budget-friendlier upkeep
  • Minimal operational issues
  • Minimal downtime due to operational issues

Features & Benefits

Dairy processing on JBT’s equipment is as good as it gets. Our machines are as brimming with features as those containers you’re filling are with milk. All these capabilities ensure food production that’s habitually as quick, accurate, and safe as possible.

  • Efficient – Continuous process for optimal extraction of vegetable juice/puree
  • Sanitary – Hygienic design and construction for enhanced clean-ability
  • Adaptability – Able to process a variety of products
  • Extensible – Can add on secondary processing equipment for sterilization, aseptic filling, concentration/evaporation
  • Innovation – Extensive testing capabilities to help facilitate product development
  • Support – Global support staff to help as needed

Have questions about these features – or how they can benefit your operations? Contact our team today.

Trusted Brands You Can Count On

Churning out products on schedule is an absolute must. It stands to reason, then, that you’d only want the best equipment for your processing line.

That’s why brands matter. JBT only offers the most-respected makes and models in the industry – JBT and SF&DS.

These brands don’t stop at being incredibly reliable. They can help your business in so many ways, like:

  • Maximizing uptime
  • Operating safely and efficiently
  • Realizing cost and productivity advantages
  • Reducing waste

We know this because JBT and SF&DS equipment has a stellar – and long – track record of success in the field. Our filling machines for the milk and dairy industries are repeatedly deployed around the world. Dairy process line manufacturers seek us out because they know they can depend on our products.

Solutions for Every FoodTech Need

JBT carries a vast selection of top-tier machinery – beyond what’s needed for canned milk products and uht milk processing equipment. If you have a food processing need, we’ve got solutions for you. By way of example, we have products and services for markets and tasks like:

JBT offers the total package – everything you need before, during, and after each step.

JBT, Your Dedicated FoodTech Partner

There’s no need to look farther afield than JBT for your food processing needs. We’ve got more than just machines to support your operation.

A Focus on You

As a modern and forward-thinking company, JBT always looks for ways to give our customers more value. One way to do this is to give you the attention and respect you deserve.

We do this not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s good business. You’re more than a sale to us; you’re a fellow producer.

Our approach is to build a deeper, more constructive long-term relationship with you. By establishing rapport, JBT hopes to be able to serve you more thoughtfully and holistically – today, tomorrow, and all the days after.

Innovations Centers

JBT’s Research & Technology Centers are an amazing and one-of-kind perk that we offer our customers. More than just test kitchens or labs, you can try out machines, explore production line set-ups, and perfect your recipes and techniques at these facilities. Plus, you get exclusive access to technical expertise and data.

Connect with Experts

JBT’s been in the food industry for well over a hundred years. We’ve amassed substantial knowledge and experience in that time. Milk this for all it’s worth! Let our talented team be your go-to FoodTech resource.

You get this extra level of support because we know running a food processing enterprise can be complex. Sometimes that extra bit of engagement from JBT can make all the difference. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests. We’re here to help you.