Our FranRica Aseptic Flash Cooler is today’s cutting edge technology in the field of aseptic sterilizers.With heat transfer occurring through direct steam injection and thermal flash in a vacuum environment rather than with heat exchangers, scaling-related problems on exchange surface are eliminated.With our reduced product degradation and long term aseptic set-up, you truly feel the effectiveness of our Flash Cooler in action.

Features & Benefits

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long term aseptic operation
  • Minimizes product degradation
  • Direct Heating/Cooling technology
  • Continuous aseptic processing system
  • Simple to operate and repair; few moving parts


  • Handles high production volumes (surge capacity)
  • High production throughput between 3,500-60,000 kg/h
  • Typical applications for the FranRica Flash Cooler include aseptic cooling of tomato and fruit concentrates

Options & Models