JBT Sterideal DR Heat Exchanger

Sterideal® DR Heat Exchanger

By avoiding the need of an intermediate water circuit, our Sterideal DR (Direct Regeneration) Heat Exchanger achieves a high regeneration efficiency.The hot sterile product at […]

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Sterideal DT Heat Exchanger | JBT FoodTech

Sterideal® DT Heat Exchanger

Our Sterideal DT (Dimple Tube) Heat Exchanger utilizes a unique dimple tube internal design, which provides enhanced heating, cooling and drainage advantages.With its excellent heat […]

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Sterideal Ohmic Heat Exchanger - Ohmic Heating | JBT FoodTech

Sterideal® Ohmic Heat Exchanger

Ohmic heating of foodstuff is the application of high voltage to the product flowing inside a heat exchange unit.The liquid food reacts as an electric […]

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Sterideal® QT Heat Exchanger

Heat transfer effectively occurs from both sides of the product. Scientifically placed fins inside the annular product space act as a static mixer to ensure […]

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Sterideal® TS – Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger

Our Sterideal TS (Tube-in-Shell) Heat Exchanger consists of several smaller diameter tubes aligned in parallel within a larger diameter outer shell or manifold. This design maximizes […]

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