Our Sterideal DT (Dimple Tube) Heat Exchanger utilizes a unique dimple tube internal design, which provides enhanced heating, cooling and drainage advantages.With its excellent heat transfer through lower product velocity and reduced pressure drop, our heat exchanger helps you stay cost-effective without having to compromise quality.In addition, you access full control and customization through various configurations to guarantee critical temperatures are met.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimized floor space requirements
  • Excellent heat transfer and uniform temperature distribution on chosen products
  • No residual product or Clean-In-Place chemicals remain due to full and complete drainage system
  • Available in various configurations with several process controls to ensure critical temperatures and hold times are met


  • Our Sterideal® DT Heat Exchanger is suitable for all kind of products:
  • Liquid
  • Semi liquid
  • Concentrated and semi concentrated products
  • Products containing fibers, small cells and featuring high viscosity such as puree and soups