Ohmic heating of foodstuff is the application of high voltage to the product flowing inside a heat exchange unit.The liquid food reacts as an electric resistance and generates heat through the Joule effect. The higher the voltage and the food’s electrical conductivity, the higher and faster the temperature difference achieved. Additionally, a major advantage of ohmic heating is obtained in dice processing as the center of the dice is heated at the same velocity as the liquid carrier preventing dices from overheating and, thereby, preserving product quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Very fast heating and very fast come-up time
  • Applies uniform temperature distribution across the pipe section
  • Extremely accurate temperature control, particularly suitable for thermo-sensitive products
  • Lower product speed, lower product damage and reduced pressure drop
  • No residual product or Clean-In-Place chemicals remains due to full and complete drainage system
  • Available in various configurations with several process controls to ensure critical temperatures are met
  • Minimized floor space requirements


  • Liquid, semi liquid, concentrated and high viscosity products
  • Containing fibers, small cells and featuring high viscosity such as puree and soups
  • Fruit preparations and fruit jam with dices
  • Soup and sauces
  • Ideal for large size particles up to 35 mm (1.38 in.)