JBT offers superior marination and brine solutions to help producers keep up with changing consumer standards and expectations.

The meat, poultry, and seafood industry has seen tremendous change in recent years. With an increasing public focus on transparency in ingredients and preparation processes, manufacturers have to remain vigilant. In an industry that prioritizes clean and simple labeling, JBT has innovated new technology in high viscous brine (HVB) and marination systems that allow you to limit unnecessary ingredients and artificial processing, all while reducing labor requirements. 

Our extensive experience in diverse FoodTech industries has given us unique insight into national and global markets, and we have the tools to assist you in optimizing your production line.

Reduced Ingredients, Unprecedented Quality

With highly automated and customizable step-by-step processing, you’ll be able to enhance every step of the brining process. From preparation, to injection, to maceration, to cooking, our equipment makes exceptional, low-sodium products possible. Our machines give you the power to increase your yield at a lower cost while maintaining and enriching product quality and freshness, meaning you can increase efficiency without sacrificing end product quality.

With the explosion in popularity of plant-based proteins, our improved injection processes and thicker marinades allow for greater retention, texture, and flavor. With these methods, you can create delicious and tender low-sodium products with fewer functional ingredients, leaving you with increased output and quality with an appealing label. This innovative technology is curated specifically to put the power in your hands so that you can meet your specific labor and throughput goals.

Features & Benefits

Our state-of-the-art HVB solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, increasing product yields, minimizing labor costs, and improving uptime. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions allow you to deliver cleaner end-product labels without sacrificing quality or throughput.

  • Applications in a variety of protein segments, from poultry and fish to deli meats and fresh pork
  • Satisfy increasing consumer demand for low-sodium, clean-label products
  • Increased product yields of fresh meat and cooked products
  • Improved texture from decreasing phosphates or hydrocolloids while maintaining juiciness
  • Seamless integration into your existing processes
  • Precise product weights & dimensions
  • Automated processes significantly minimize labor, reduce maintenance, and improve uptime

Advanced Three Phase System

Our Polar High Viscous Brine System represents a new and highly modernized approach to brine solutions. The process is defined by three unique and essential phases: 

  1. Brine preparation, homogenization, and injection and return milling streamlines and optimizes processes by using automated technology to improve labor efficiency, product consistency, taste, and absorption.
  2. Maceration and Massaging applications allow you the flexibility to personalize taste and improve product binding and ingredient distribution. 
  3. Cooking and additional processing are highly customizable and allow your output to undergo one or more cooking stages to reach your desired end product. Freezing capabilities and extended processing functions are also available depending on your needs and goals.  

Trusted Brands

JBT was founded more than a century ago with the aim of developing the highest-quality, most forward-thinking FoodTech solutions. Our well-known brands have established themselves as industry leaders, constantly innovating to develop cutting-edge solutions that address processor and consumer needs.

Schröder Logo

Schröder’s diverse range of high-tech injection and marination equipment is recognized around the globe. Designed for applications across a diverse range of segments, Schröder’s cutting-edge solutions address even the toughest challenges faced by processors of meat, poultry, fish, and other food products.

Wolf-tec Logo

Wolf-tec has a long history of developing state-of-the-art FoodTech solutions. Even before they joined the JBT family, Wolf-tec was known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative processing systems. From its IMAX injectors, to its revolutionary Polar Massager, to its high-capacity brine-mixing tanks, Wolf-tec has the equipment you need to get the job done.

Applications in Varied Markets

Our high-tech system can be applied to a wide range of products in the meat, poultry, and fish industries. Our machines are designed to not only offer new and improved methods, but to also fit seamlessly into your existing operation so that you don’t lose any precious time or manpower. They also offer targeted solutions while remaining applicable to a number of different product categories and functions, including jerky, deli meats, alternative meats, fresh meats, poultry, protein brines, fat injection, and fish and shrimp.

Related Products

Our series of products provide an extensive array of practical features that allow for a personalized processing system. JBT offers virtually endless functionality and ongoing maintenance management to help you reach your business goals. From the Polar Flex Carve Macerator, to the PSM660 Meat Press, and more, take a look at our exceptional selection.

At JBT, we take pride in helping our partners break new ground in their industries. With an innovative approach, unmatched determination, and years of practical experience, we’re continuing to expand the limits of FoodTech at every level and offer you effective solutions to real challenges.

JBT’s Proven Leadership 

For over 100 years, JBT has been on the front lines of new technology. But we’ve never just been interested in pushing boundaries. Our technological advancements are born out of a unique desire to address the challenges faced by our partners in business. We take the time to listen to you and truly understand what you’re hoping to achieve and we search tirelessly to develop products that can be applied practically and harmoniously to existing processes, combining revolutionary technology with tried and true methods.

Whether you’re looking to replace your entire system, or integrate new technology into your existing processes, JBT has you covered. We want to help you reach your wildest dreams and with a strong partnership and a dedication to constant development, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Revolutionary Technology

Over our long history, we’ve made a name for ourselves not only as an industry leader in FoodTech, but also as a cultivator of groundbreaking automation and applied technology. Our approach is always focused on user safety, customizability, artisanship, and practical utilization. But our dedication to our customers doesn’t stop there. With us, you can:

  • Access an expansive range of first-rate equipment
  • Mix-and-match various brands to curate a personalized and reliable production line
  • Test our machines to ensure suitability and application
  • Quickly substitute parts and equipment to keep your operation on the right track
  • Get access to personalized resources including upgrade kits, parts, service and maintenance, and training

Expertise Across Industries

JBT has never shied away from a challenge or a new avenue for innovation. We’re constantly working to broaden our horizons. We work with clients from around the globe, who operate in various markets and have unique needs and goals. Our experience and expertise includes the following sectors:

JBT’s Innovative Research & Technology Centers

Our commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation in the food processing industry calls us to do more than just manufacture top-notch equipment. We strive to lead the way in the advancement of collaborative research around the world. Our partners are given exclusive access to our Research & Technology Centers, which serve as hubs of innovation across the United States and around the world.

When you visit our R&T centers, you’ll work alongside our specialists and be able to test equipment, trial production-line setups, perfect your recipes and processes, and determine which solutions best fit your needs.

Comprehensive Solutions & Support

We’ve been blazing new trails in FoodTech for more than a century. Over the decades, we’ve established a reputation as a trusted industry leader, developing new and innovative technologies and providing comprehensive, high-level support to our partners.

At JBT, we do more than just sell you cutting-edge machinery. We take the time to get to know your brand, your goals, the challenges you face, and how you operate. That way, we can better serve you and develop targeted solutions that will truly make a difference in your supply chain and bottom line. Contact our team today to learn more about how JBT can help.