Our Polar Dissolver Brine System is the first step to smarter processing. It is a mixing tank designed to mix, chill and transport brines and marinades. It dissolves ingredients under precisely controlled conditions so that the solution will have the best possible impact on your product, while giving you batch-after-batch consistency. Optional shear and foil mixers provide additional mixing for more challenging applications. A companion holding tank is also available to store and transfer solutions in combination with the mixing tank. Dissolving ingredients correctly and precisely is key, and often the first step in many food processing applications – from injection and massaging to tumbling and marination.  Our Polar Dissolvers range from basic configurations to completely customized and fully automated systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Tank Capacity from 100 gallons to 800 gallons 1
  • 100% temperature controlled process
  • Unmatched sanitary design and constructions
  • Touch screen control and recipe management eliminates operator errors
  • Step by step instruction on ingredient addition
  • Fast, effective dry ingredient loading directly into liquid stream with no clumping
  • Completely modular design, ability to expand
  • Automated valve directs the contents to a transfer point – Holding Tank, injector , or massager

Options & Models

  • Options:
  • Weight verification Load Cells
  • Operator ID for security
  • Bar Code scanning on ingredients
  • Automated liquid ingredients delivery
  • Data acquisition and batch reporting
  • Rinse in Place ball for internal rinsing
  • Stair and platform
  • Models:
  • PDM 100 and PDH 100 – capacity approximately 100 Gallons / 380 Liters
  • PDM 250 and PDH 250 – capacity approximately 250 gallons / 950 liters
  • PDM 500 and PDH 500 – capacity approximately 500 gallons / 1900 liters
  • PDM 650 and PDH 650 – capacity approximately 650 gallons / 2500 liters
  • PDM 800 and PDH 800 – capacity approximately 800 gallons / 3000 liters