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Standardized brine, highest hygiene

BRIMAX technology allows the production of all types of brine in standardised product quality and under the most stringent hygiene requirements. With the new BRIMAX 600 all kind of brines used in injection, massing and/or tumbling procedures can be produced. Proven components for the core functions, such as the mixing nozzle and rotary pump design, have been tried and tested for many years with the BRIMAX 1000 and BRIMAX 2000 models.
The container size of 600 liters offers great flexibility in the production of different types. The provision for the production process takes place by standard trolleys.

Features and Benefits

  • 600 liter tank capacity
  • Fresh water quantity can be defined in the control
  • Fill level and brine temperature can be checked at any time via the display
  • Robust level sensing via float
  • Permanently installed hopper for feeding additives
  • Hygienic design, open base frame, control cabinet design, single cable routing
  • Proven components for core functions adopted from the BRIMAX 1000/2000 (e.g. mixing nozzle and rotary pump design)
  • Simplified maintenance due to easy accessibility of the rotary pump
  • No compressed air required; disc valves are switched manually
  • Lid with latch to protect the product from contamination
  • Optional filling pipe for 200 liter standard trolley