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IMAX injection technology for highest demands

The processing principle of the IMAX technology is based on classic injection curing by means of hollow needles. This is where know-how regarding needle type, inlet and exit holes and needle stitch pattern plays a decisive role. The brine/emulsion to be injected is carried directly to the product by a system of pumps and pipes. As well as boneless products, bone-in meat, poultry and fish can also be injected.

Features & Benefits

IMAX 420/520/620 – Walking Beam Injector

  • For the IMAX walking beam injectors, the meat is transported through the machine via a transport rake. This follows a flat elliptic curve. While the needles are outside the product, the rake lifts out of the transport bed and moves forward. In the controller, this product advance can be set to 50 mm or 100 mm. The bigger advance allows the largest transport capacity of the injector with a wide puncture pattern. Although the shorter 50 mm advance halves the capacity, but it provides a stitch pattern that is twice as narrow, which can bring technological advantages when injecting. Thus, the short advance is often used to achieve a high injection rate for products or to ensure perfect brine distribution with very low pressure.
  • The transport rake is made entirely of stainless steel and thus extremely robust and hygienic.
  • The IMAX rake injectors are available in three sizes from 420 mm to 620 mm pan width.

MAX 430 / 630 / 930 – Belt Injector

  • The classic field of application of IMAX belt injectors are small-sized products or in industries in which the entire product transport often takes place using belts. Thus, these injectors are typically found in the fish and poultry industry.
  • The high needle density (up to 900 needles) and low injection pressure of the IMAX belt injectors ensure gentle and uniform injection of sensitive fish and poultry products.
  • The large number of needles also makes it possible to adjust the product feed, in addition to 50 mm and 100 mm, up to 200 mm. This ensures a high level of output even for very small and light products.
  • The IMAX belt injectors are available in three sizes from 420 mm to 920 mm pan width.