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Standardized brine, highest hygiene

BRIMAX technology allows the production of all types of brine used in injection, massing and/or tumbling procedures, whilst maintaining a standardized product quality under the most stringent hygiene requirements. A unique feature is the software, which has been developed and refined using years of experience, that performs, controls and documents the entire system, as the operator.

Higher performance thanks to modular design

For high brine quantity requirements, the BRIMAX 1000 also comes with a 2000 liter tank – the BRIMAX 2000 brine preparation system makes it possible to produce very large quantities of brine with just a few rudimentary steps. The functionality and the program of options are identical to those of the BRIMAX 1000.

The BRIMAX systems can be extended practically without limit. Tanks for pre-cooling the fresh water are possible, which reduce the cooling time in the mixing tank while also ensuring that a standardized water temperature is used for mixing brine.

Expansion of the system with multiple storage tanks has the advantage that different types of brine can be mixed successively in the mixer. Storage of these brines with recipe-specific temperatures and interval mixing times, as well as the supply of the injector, is performed autonomously by the storage tank.

The intelligently designed control ensures safe operation.

Features & Benefits

  • The BRIMAX mixer ensures precise merging of solid and liquid components, system-guided procedures, controlled mixing processes through to the automatically monitored result of the finished, properly chilled brine
  • The BRIMAX control unit is the central management panel of the system. Equipped with a large 10“ touch panel, it allows to work both in automatic or manual mode. Automatic control, which guides the operator through each step, organizes the mixing and cooling of the brine according to the specified recipes (ingredients with weight, mixing times, temperature settings). The manual mode functions include mixing, cooling and pumping out by using manual input.
  • The BRIMAX storage tank ensures that the consumers (injector, massager, loading container, tumbler) are supplied with brine. Optional equipment with agitator/shear pump and thermo plate ensures a constant temperature and homogeneous brine. An important option for the brine mixer, it represents the perfect complement to the Schröder brine processing system. It is perfectly integrated into the system, representing the link between brine preparation and injection.

Options & Models

  • Various basic tanks are available
  • Agitators for continuous brine mixing
  • Cleaning nozzles for an automated cleaning procedure
  • Shear pump, which uses its special design for an effective mixing process that achieves a homogeneous mixing result for difficult brines. The shear pump optimizes the introduction of difficult soluble additives, such as potato starch, vegetable proteins etc. and reduces the mixing times of all brines
  • Depending on the brine specification, a plate or pipe-heat-exchanger can be used as a cooling device

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