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IMAX ECOLINE 350 / 420: The injector for all-round use

The ECOLINE series now offers outstanding Schröder quality for small and medium-sized businesses at a favorable entry price and low operating costs in the basic version. These all-round injectors are suitable for a wide range of products. The proven and robust drive concept and the thoughtful hygienic design immediately reveals the typical Schröder injector. A choice of two manifold variants (number and density of needles), always equipped with a needle suspension block makes it suitable for bone-in and bone-less products. Optional available is an additional tenderizer head. Different filter concepts offering the choice between functional simplicity and operating comfort. With three performance classes, running up to 3 t and 4 t and of fresh product per hour* of fish, meat and poultry products, one will always find the right machine for its production.*Calculated assuming approximately 40 kg/m².

Brine tank FT 130

The FT 130 brine tank is available as an option. It supplies the IMAX ECOLINE injectors with up to 130 l of brine. Coarse particles are effectively filtered out using an external rotary filter with a scraper. Brine intake is performed by the stationary suction filter, which can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes using the patented quick-release system. The tank guarantees a high degree of utilization of the brine with a leftover quantity of residual brine of less than ten liters. The cleaning position ensures fast and effective cleaning – there is a mounting to accommodate all parts on the brine tank itself.

Features & Benefits

  • CONTROLLER/TOUCH PANEL – Central operating controls for controlling pressure, speed and injection mode.
  • Optional: Touch panel with available user and recipe management.
  • INJECTION AND TENDERIZER HEAD WITH RETRACTION BLOCK – For 1- and 2-way injection from 10% to over 90% injection rate. Multiple needle configurations always allow an optimum stitch pattern.
  • BRINE TUBES – Brine-conducting parts outside the machine, special hygienic design of the tubes by pressing.
  • HYGIENIC DESIGN – Good accessibility of all parts for easy cleaning and inspection. Loosening only two screws allows easy opening of the manifold for quick an efficient cleaning.
  • BRINE FILTRATION FT130 (OPTION) – with suction filter and rotary drum filter. Standard: three-stage filtration with 1 mm and 2 mm filter plates plus an additional filter net and suction filter.
  • PUMP – Powerful 3 kW pump, complete residual brine draining, easy toolless disconnection from the brine tank.