The Polar Massager is the most capable, reliable and advanced system available for optimum curing, water binding and ingredient distribution in meat, poultry and fish products today. The Polar Massager has become the industry standard for the further processing of whole muscle products, including pork, beef, poultry and seafood. Processors have come to rely on the Polar Massager to reduce their operational costs and improve product quality. The Polar Massager’s patented paddle action provides the ultimate in even, quick dispersion of ingredients thoughout the whole muscle while maintaining product integrity. Over the course of three decades, our Polar Massagers have piloted an era of innovation and modernization in the meat processing industry. Through years of commitment, and research and development, our Wolf-tec / Polar brand has been recognized as the premium line of quality massagers.  

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint saves floor space
  • Jacketed and insulated tank for efficient product temperature control
  • Improved product quality and food safety
  • Industry’s fastest curing with no product holding time
  • Quick disconnect “camloc” fittings for simple breakdown and cleaning
  • Revolutionary passive massage system provides gentle, progressive action
  • All product contact areas are ground flush and mirror polished for high hygiene
  • Efficient, electro-mechanical drive provides smooth variable speed paddle rotation
  • Minimal maintenance with self-lubricating drive chain
  • Manually operated discharge chute for safe, reliable unloading of finished product
  • Variable flow controlled manually by operator
  • Large and easily accessed for loading, inspection and wash down
  • Positive locking system with captive parts assures proper sealing


  • Our Wolf-tec Polar Massager features our patented Temperature Guidance System, which provides the perfect environment for your product.  We apply heating or cooling exactly when needed to manipulate the internal temperature of the meat. This provides the fastest protein extraction, quickest massage times, and reduced curing hold times, all while preserving product quality
  • The glycol jacketed Polar Massager has chilling capabilities to stimulate protein dissolving for a stable water-protein system.  Simply, a better product with higher moisture retention.  Our patented interior paddle design creates maximum mechanical stimulation, resulting in more tender products and lower purge in package without product damage
  • Complementing the paddle action is the vacuum environment.  Vacuum relieves the product of atmospheric pressure, which allows the marinade to more easily penetrate and distribute throughout the product

Options & Models


  • Wolf-Tec / Polar Massager 2500 – Approximate capacity 2500 lbs. /1130 kg.
  • Wolf-tec / Polar Massager 5000 – Approximate capacity 5000 lbs. / 2300 kg.
  • Wolf-tec / Polar Massager 10000 – Approximate capacity 10000 lbs. / 4500 kg.
  • Wolf-tec / Polar Massager 15000 – Approximate capacity 15000 lbs. / 6800 kg.
  • Wolf-tec / Polar Massager 18500 – Approximate capacity 18500 lbs. / 8400 kg.
  • Wolf-tec / Polar Massager 20000 – Approximate capacity 20000 lbs. / 9100 kg.

Optional Features:

  • Modular vacuum loading system
  • Can be integrated with load cells for effortless weight verification and optional automated brine delivery