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Our Stein FA Series Pilot/laboratory Conveyorized Fryer is an electric, directly heated, oil immersion fryer developed for new product development and very small production runs. We designed the Stein FA Series for the small run demands of commissaries, restaurant chains, schools, and other mass feeding facilities. The FA series can duplicate the process and handling characteristics of larger production sized fryers, which also makes it ideal for developing new products or refining an existing product and process.

Features & Benefits

  • Five longitudinal mounted electric heated immersion tubes provide consistent oil temperature end to end and side to side
  • Low oil level safety switch restricts heater operation in a low oil level condition
  • Adjustable top submerger hold down conveyor accommodates products of varying heights
  • Insulated hood contains cooking oil fumes and improves operator ergonomics
  • On board oil storage tank and circulation pump with manual sediment filter to aid in maintaining oil quality and emptying the fryer for cleaning


  • Designed for pre-frying a wide range of coated products to set the coating and to impart oil to aid in flavor development. Able to cook a wide range of coated and uncoated food substrates to a targeted end point temperature
  • Available in electric drives only with push button controls
  • Usable belt width of 14 inches
  • Usable frying length of four feet

Options & Models

  • Options:
  • Tempura conveyor modifications with Teflon slat belt infeed
  • 24 inch discharge conveyor
  • Models:
  • Stein FA-5 Pilot/laboratory Conveyorized Fryer