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In 1993, we introduced the Stein THERMoFIN Fryer and revolutionized and significantly improved the process of conveyorized immersion frying. Since then, we have built and installed over 500 TFF fryers world-wide. The heart of the TFF fryer is the CoolHEAT® Vertical Fin thermal fluid heat exchanger. This proprietary design provides extremely gentle heat transfer and precise control of the oil temperature – both side to side and end to end in the fryer. This heat exchanger system has established an incredible reputation of reliability with over 35 million cumulative operating hours without a single failure and has produced literally billions of pounds of high quality fried coated products. The TFF THERMoFIN fryer is the industry fryer of choice for all convenience food products and quick service restaurant suppliers around the globe.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged all stainless steel tank and frame construction of reliability and high capacity
  • Single pass, two zone vertical fin heat exchanger provides maximum BTU for high capacity and a low heat flux for gentle heat transfer. Provides unprecedented response to changing heat loads
  • Vertical fin electro-polished heat exchanger design allows crumbs to fall through to the sediment conveyor for continuous removal from the fryer
  • Low oil volume with improved oil turnover maintains oil quality and extends oil life


  • Designed for pre-frying a wide range of coated products to set the coating and impart oil to aid in flavor development. Also to fully cook a wide range of coated and uncoated food substrates to a targeted end point internal temperature.
  • Automated and continuous sediment removal via sediment conveyor and discharge auger
  • Automatic low level oil safety and oil level control
  • Fully adjustable top submerger hold down conveyor
  • Insulated hood design with automatic electric screw jack lifts for hood, top submerger, main product conveyor, and heat exchanger
  • ProLINK PLC controls or push button controls
  • Available in electric or hydraulic drives

Options & Models

  • Key Options: 
  • Oil supply tank and stainless steel valve and piping package 
  • Tempura conveyor modifications with Teflon slat infeed section
  • Model: TFF-IV (XX-XX)
  • Available in usable belt widths of 24, 34, and 40 inches
  • Available in usable conveyor lengths of 15, 19, 23, 28, 32 and 36 feet