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We developed the Stein SF-Series Force Flow filters to replace older style gravity fed paper filters. Our SF Series uses a unique woven stainless steel cloth filter belt and a highly efficient pump system which provides positive removal of particulates from the frying oil and high volume filtration. The SF filter is capable of filtering particles down to 60 microns, which makes this style filter ideal for all free flowing and Japanese style coating materials. The SF filter provides continuous removal of the filtered material from the frying system which helps maintain oil quality and extend oil life.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous filtration maintains oil quality, extends oil life and inhibits formation of free fatty acids
  • Stainless steel woven cloth filter media removes particulates down to 60 micron
  • Rugged and robust stainless steel frame and tank construction
  • Automatic oil level control maintains consistent oil level in filter and insures consistent filtering
  • Integrated feed and discharge pump system with integrated stainless steel piping and valve package


  • Designed for the continuous removal of coating sediment and other frying debris from a conveyorized frying system
  • Hinged cover and exhaust connection to fryer vents contains fumes and cooking vapors
  • Available in electric chain edge drives only
  • Push Button Controls

Options & Models

  • Options:
  • Integrated controls with fryer control
  • Paper filter attachment for polishing the oil when emptying fryer  
  • Models – filter area for small frying requirements:
  • SF-3 – 3ft.2
  • SF-7 – 7ft.2
  • SF-11 – 11ft.2