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Flash fry or fry it all the way? Our fryer can be used for both purposes. That way, you can optimally cook various food in oil or fat. Our fryer has many uses, so you don’t need to make a decision! Its flexible frying settings can be used for flash frying or searing or for full cooking. Vegetarian food is heated in hot oil just as well as meat is. Hash browns, falafel, or meatballs get their individually set core temperature. The result is plain to see: Meatballs and other fried food entice with an appetizing aroma and brownness.  

Perfectly suitable for meatballs, schnitzel, falafel, hash browns, plant-based food, vegetables, and other special applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Different belt systems for optimal adjustment to the product
  • Stainless steel geared motors for the upper and lower belt
  • Continuous sediment removal at the infeed end keeps the oil clean and serves for high-quality products
  • Continuously adjustable belt gap
  • Process temperature is continuously adjustable
  • Dirt transport system for separating sediment
  • Optimal heat transfer through the oil-circulating system
  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Market-standard-coordinated belt widths for optimal line integration


  • Vapor barrier system as sealing between fully insulated oil tub and hood
  • Top-performance heating elements ensure efficient heat transfer. Choose between electrical and thermal oil-powered heating elements.
  • An exhaust chimney system with filter directs the exhaust through stainless steel chimney pipes from the suction sockets of the fryer out of the production room. Optionally, the exhaust from the fryer can effectively be prefiltered.
  • Cross-dirt transport removes dirt particles early on
  • CIP is a complete cleaning system for the interior of the fryer with preconnected automatic emptying


  • The alco Fryer is available in PRO and ECO series
  • The PRO series is usually the go-to solution for high hourly outputs
  • The ECO series has identical functionality but is a more space-saving and cost-saving version with a compact design