A fully automated retort that processes cans of all sizes and volumes from large foodservice cans to small retail cans.

The SuperCRss sterilizes foods such as beans, fruits, vegetables, meat, soups, and pet food. This retort equipped with a LOGTEC Process Controller coupled with an automatic loading & unloading system provides the customer with food safety, basket tracking, equipment reliability, and labor savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Mild Steel: Long life thanks to the use of mild steel that enables direct cooling without the possibility of stress corrosion cracking.
  • Saturated Steam Cook: Superior heat transfer to product
  • Direct Cool: No pumps or heat exchangers
  • Static Processing: No damage to sensitive products
  • Flexibility: All rigid container sizes and shapes
  • Up to 12 Basket Capacity: High Throughput
  • Automated Conveyor and Doors: Personnel safety and reduced labor
  • Insulated Shell: Reduced steam consumption
  • Clog Resistant Nozzles: Reduced maintenance


SuperCRss Details

Available Options

  • Fully automated or manually operated
  • Integrated with Material Handling System
  • Holding capacity from 6 to 12 baskets
  • Global Pressure Vessel Certification
  • LOG-TEC Momentum or Model E Control Platform
  • Industry 4.0 with iOPS
  • Double Door
  • Internal Conveyor