The JBT SuperStatic Retort: Increase your bottom line by saving process time, floorspace and energy.

The JBT SuperStatic Retort can sterilize foods such as beans, fruits, vegetables, meat, soups, and pet food. This retort equipped with a LOGTEC Process Controller coupled with an Steam Water Spray System (SWS), ensuring uniform and efficient thermal processing of your packaged foods. The JBT SuperStatic Retort utilizes several unique features to reduce steam and water consumption while maximizing product throughput.

Features & Benefits

  • Steam Boost Valve: Faster Come-up Time and Increased Product Throughput
  • High Capacity Heat Exchanger: Faster Colling and Increased Product Throughput
  • Dual Pumps: Increased Process Flow and Content Flow Throughout the Thermal Process
  • Low Energy Suction System: Reduces Steam, Cooling Water, and Process Water Required in the Retort
  • Static Processing: No damage to sensitive products
  • Process Overpressure: Container Integrity
  • Insulated Shell: Reduces Stem Consumption
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Corrosion Resistant
  • Clog Resistant Nozzles: Reduced maintenance
 Benefits Icons of increased steam capacity and increased cooling capacity
Benefits icon of increased process water flow and reduced maintenance

Sustainability Benefits

Maximizing water and energy consumption and helping customers reduce their footprint is core to our mission of making better use of the world’s precious resources. Our relentless focus on continuous improvement helps to optimize efficiency in our own operations and within the products we develop. With that in mind, the technology built into the JBT SuperStatic Retort manages the efficient use of heat through out the sterilization process to allow for maximized throughput and reduced stem and water consumption. Through a combination of the steam boost valve and process water flow, the retort provides extra heat when it is most needed and manages uniform temperature distribution throughout the process. The high efficiency heat exchanger is able to quickly transfer heat out of the final product, reducing cooling times. The JBT SuperStatic has shown a reduction in come-up time of up to 30% and cooling time reduction of up to 34%, allow your operations to be more efficient.

Sustainability Benefits Icon of High Throughput with fewer retorts and steam reduction
Sustainability Benefits of Reduces Footprint and cooling water reduction