Efficient Agitation is shaking it up!

Target Market

The target market for JBT Efficient Agitation (EA) technology is retortable rigid or flexible packages that contain products which benefit from linear agitation. EA provides recipe-driven linear motion within the retort to add product agitation which leads to faster product heating and cooling. Increased product agitation can also reduce clumping and/or burn-on for some products.


  • Acceleration in the EA Motion Profile is independent of stroke frequency
  • Efficient agitation technology uses a hydraulic platform which creates a flexible motion profile system
  • Motion profiles can be tailored to meet the thermal requirements for a specific product
    • Higher acceleration and/or stroke frequency can be used for viscous product
    • Lower acceleration and/or stroke frequency can be used for “delicate” product
    • Motion profiles can be changed at specific time steps within the thermal recipe to meet product and packaging needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase customer throughput with equal or improved product quality. (**)
  • Up to 40% reduction (*) in process time.

(*) Process reduction is product dependent
(**) Potential to improve product formulation and reduce overall time the product is exposed to high process temperatures.