Sterilization by means of heat is one of many technologies JBT applies to preserve food quality and to extend the shelf-life of packaged food. In-container sterilization is a proven thermal processing technology that reliably renders low acid food products (pH > 4.5) safe for consumption and extends the shelf-life, without refrigeration, for wide, shelf-stable retail distribution.

In the process non-sterile containers are filled and sealed with non-sterile product. The product is then sterilized inside the container as it passes through the sterilization processing line.

Our in-container sterilization solutions, both batch and continuous configurations, help producers increase food safety and extend shelf-life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural and flavorful food.



All our in-container solutions focus on delivering the optimal combination of:

  • Lowest cost per unit produced
  • Consistent product safety and quality
  • Longer shelf life

Our Research Technology Centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas provide processors a full range of services to improve in-container processing and packaging techniques.