fuel your portioning with jet power

Fuel your portioning with jet power

Create a higher yield, maximize throughput, and improve product quality by switching from hand or semi-automated cutting to a fully automated and intelligent inline waterjet portioner with a footprint comparable to a blade cutter.

There are no limits to which kind of applications you can run with the JBT DSI 812 Waterjet Portioner, like poultry parts, fillets, steaks, medallions, strips, nuggets, and even complicated shapes. It’s flexible to facilitate quick turnarounds and scalability in your production line, and it’s easy to change the processed application when needed.

The DSI 812 is very versatile and has the power to handle capacities up to 2000 kg/h, depending on the application.

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Fresher and longer shelf life

Waterjet cutting is a USDA-approved technology and is even seen as providing higher shelf life than regular cutting technology. The water used with waterjet technology is sterile and creates a greater hygienic cutting environment. No water enters the poultry during the process, so the product is labeled fresh according to EU standards. Furthermore, the DSI 812 consumes less water for cutting than a blade cutter uses for cooling and keeping the blade clean.

Both compact and efficient

The DSI 812 also enables smaller processors to benefit from the Quantum Electric Servo Pump, marketed exclusively by JBT and forms part of the new portioner. Mounted on board the portioner, the Electric Servo Pump requires up to 40% less energy than a hydraulic system, enabling customers to benefit from a significant leap forward regarding technology for high-pressure intensifier pumps. Ideal for poultry portioning or fat trimming, the DSI 812 incorporates the best features of DSI waterjet portioners in a compact version.

Up to a 30% increase in throughput

DSI 812’s patented and unique Jet Blocker™ technology makes it even more efficient by making it possible to block the water stream momentarily and precisely. If you are cutting from point A to point B and there’s something you don’t want to cut in the middle, you can pass it with the blocked water jet stream. Once passed, the cutting will continue. With portions, strips, or nuggets, this level of accuracy can deliver as much as a 30% increase in throughput.

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Experience the DSI 812 in action!

Are you curious how the JBT DSI 812 can make your portioning process more efficient, intelligent, and profitable? Book a demonstration at our Food Tech Center in Helsingborg, Sweden, with our DSI portioning experts. Or, book an on-site demonstration in your own facility and production environment.

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Guide: 7 ways to increase your portioning yield in one pass

You get examples of cutting patterns like:

  • Cubes defined by weight.
  • Multiple drop-shaped portions
  • Weight, length, and width-controlled strips

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