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Get Your Profitability into Better Shape

Maximize yield and profits by finding the optimal cut strategies for each piece of raw product with unique laser scanning technology and intelligent algorithms that locate edge fat and determine shape, thickness, and weight.

The DSI™ 812 offers clear-cutting opportunities and possibilities capable of meeting every expectation for those that want to increase yield and utilize the entire product in the best possible way. You can get a fixed weight, shape, and size on your diced portions and create drop-shaped cuts and round shapes that are impossible with blade portioning technology.

It also has labor-saving advantages, like its ability to deliver greater cutting accuracy and product standardization. The DSI 812 offers a higher yield, less labor, and better and more accurate portioning.

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Sub-millimeter accuracy

Poultry entering the system passes through a DSI J-Scan™, creating a precise height map. This data is fed into JBT DSI’s proprietary Q-LINK™ portioning software, which analyses the height map and generates a cut strategy depending on the customer’s wants. The resulting XY and timing information is then sent to the cutters. The DSI 812 has sub-millimeter accuracy down to a few grams, so it offers not only high capacity and reliability but it’s also equipment that is extremely precise.

The DSI’s waterjet system is designed explicitly for portioning. As part of the installation package, JBT typically sends an application engineer and a service tech to provide training and help the customer set up the machine with all their required cut strategies.

Up to 25% more yield

How much yield you can get with the DSI 812 compared to a blade cutter depends on your process and the accuracy you will work out for the cutting programs. Different cuts also have a different potential for yield increase.

Looking at a defined strip in weight and dimension, the strip-yield increase could go up to 25% with the DSI 812 compared to a blade cutter. In other processes, an overall increase of up to 10% more yield can justify the entire investment for this equipment.

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Experience the DSI 812 in action!

Are you curious how the JBT DSI 812 can make your portioning process more efficient, intelligent, and profitable? Book a demonstration at our Food Tech Center in Helsingborg, Sweden, with our DSI portioning experts. Or, book an on-site demonstration in your own facility and production environment.

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You get examples of cutting patterns like:

  • Cubes defined by weight.
  • Multiple drop-shaped portions
  • Weight, length, and width-controlled strips

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