DSI™ DB20 Dual-Blade Portioning System

Our DSI DB20 Dual Blade Portioning System is a low maintenance blade portioning system powered by proven DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software. We developed it as a cost-effective portioning solution for simple linear poultry and fish portioning applications; as well as a perfect portioning solution for processing facilities with water, noise or power restrictions. The DB20 allows you to execute a wider variety of cut strategies while achieving increased throughput and the highest yields.
  • Low maintenance blade portioning system for consistent cost-effective portioning
  • Operates with DSI Q-LINK Portioning Software for sophisticated yield optimization capabilities
  • FRS capability to remove rib meat and keel
  • Suitable for a wide range of linear portioning applications
  • Dual lane system able to run separate applications on each lane for maximum flexibility
  • Touchscreen interface allows for a quick changeover between applications

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