Get the maximum from every piece of fish to minimize waste!

What are the biggest problems at your seafood processing facility?

  • Waste? Do you see dollars going out the door to the trash? Get more out of what your processing.
  • Yield? The ability to get more meat translates to major bottom-line boosts. JBT machines are the only ones available that can match hand yield.
  • Labor? Converting easily and affordably to automation can reallocate insufficient labor.
  • Safety? Not only safety inside your facility, but safety for the consumer.
  • Temperature? Fish processing creates fluctuations in degrees. Even cooking and freezing fish can be troublesome if proper temperatures aren’t reached.

JBT’s equipment and experts can solve your processing headaches. Reach out to see how JBT can help.

A JBT Machine Every Step of the Way

JBT’s extensive portfolio offers plenty of options for each process.

Seafood Transformation Resources

Automated waterjet PORTIONING significantly and gently improves yield over hand cutting.

Efficiently and accurately cut, portion, and sort seafood to produce portioned fillets, nuggets, chunks, strips, and trimmed products…

portioned fish small

Ensure quality seafood products are delivered to the customer in the safest and freshest condition possible.

Proseal seafood small

Would increasing your yield on shrimp or fillets affect your daily goals?

JBT’s collection of INJECTORS offers unmatched versatility and can be scaled to meet diverse production line requirements, delivering superior brine distribution as well as consistent quality and output. JBT’s injectors empower you with a technological advantage that can bring substantial value to your bottom line while helping you build trust with customers…

injection small

Product Temperature Issues?

small dorado on ice

Are you losing product as you transport it throughout the plant?

Reduce the need for conveyors and exceed industry hygiene standards. The JBT C.A.T. TRANSFER PUMP limits maintenance labor while saving valuable time and resources…

small shrimp in liquid

Gentle FORMING, SLICING, AND MINCING can save time and energy costs.

minced fish small

Precision chute filling for shellfish in NETTING.

This all-electric model is ideal for extruded nets and loose weave style nets that are less elastic…

clamsandmussels small

Typical unused seafood products can be efficiently packaged for gourmet pet food.

pet food small 1

High bone detection rates.

Revolutionary PIN BONE DETECTION SYSTEMS created for the unique needs of the fish processing industry…

full salmon

Remove shells and other debris from seafood.

shellfish small

Thorough BREADING and flour containment in hydraulic or electric versions. Even tempura!

Truth be told – perfectly coated food can result in a divine culinary creation. Achieving well-battered or evenly breaded food products can be tricky…

fish sandwich small

JBT STEIN FRYERS improve operational and product outcomes while ensuring safety and compliance.

dip small

Temperature perfect: all the way through the production line.

Packed with features and functionality, you’ll be able to keep a chillingly wide variety of foods just the right temperature…

frozen fish block small

Bank-competitive FINANCING with more favorable terms OR consider an equipment RENTAL / RENT-TO-OWN.


You’re more than a sale to JBT – you’re a valued customer! As such, we look forward to building a rich, enduring relationship. In our view, assisting you today – and for many tomorrows – is the best approach to doing business.

Test & Innovation Hubs

Use of our global Research & Technology Centers is a special and highly impactful perk of working with JBT. These amazing facilities – where you can try out machines, explore production configurations, perfect your recipes, access to technical expertise and data, and more – put mere test kitchens or labs to shame!

Expert Helping Hands

JBT’s been a food industry authority for over a hundred years. During that tenure, we’ve accrued volumes of knowledge and lifetimes of experience. We’re happy to share our learnings and insights with you!

Why do we encourage you to reach out? Because we’re well aware that being a titan of the food industry can be tough. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of extra care and attention from JBT to knock down barriers and resolve issues.

Contact us anytime with your questions, concerns, or requests. Let JBT’s talented crew be your go-to FoodTech resource.