JBT-Proseal: Quality Sealing Solutions for Seafood

JBT-Proseal: Quality Sealing Solutions for Seafood

Advanced tray sealing solutions from leading specialist Proseal are helping to ensure that quality seafood products are delivered to the consumer in the safest and freshest condition possible.

According to Allied Market Research, the global seafood market is predicted to reach a value of $155 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 3.6% from 2017 to 2023. Maintaining product quality and delivering the highest levels of hygiene and protection are vital factors to help companies maximize opportunities in such a fast-growing but competitive market.

“The bacteria present in the gut and gills of seafood works quickly to decay the protein tissue, breaking it down and causing the food to expire at a fast rate,” explains Tony Burgess, Proseal uk Sales Director. “It is therefore particularly important to package fresh fish and seafood properly, ensuring the food is able to maintain its quality through a sometimes-lengthy supply chain and vigorous in-store handling.” 

The Proseal GTe range has been designed for reliable and consistent operation in high-care food environments. It has the flexibility to perform a wide range of high-quality heat seals, including Gas Flush (MAP) and Vacuum Gas. Most important, Proseal equipment is proven and approved for Skin Pack using 10k OTR fish film as required by the industry.

This means Proseal can provide the appropriate solution for packaging a wide range of fish and seafood products, extending shelf-life and reducing food waste while offering superior quality protection.

Among its many innovations, Proseal’s advanced Gas Flushing technology utilizes a speed-efficient Gas Flushing System that can consistently achieve accurate placement of gas and leave an extremely low gas residual in the pack once sealed. This means fish processors can continue to employ this shelf-life extension technique without the necessity of a costly vacuum system.

The Gas Flush is easily adapted to suit each product and combined with Proseal superior sealing system can help ensure the maximum achievable shelf-life.

Proseal was also one of the first tray sealing manufacturers to bring skin packaging to the mainstream tray sealing market. The company has recently launched the newly developed skin packaging technology, Skin2™, which increases cycle speeds over existing skin processes while reducing unit and equipment costs.

In addition, Proseal has been extensively involved in the creation and development of skinned board technology, working to design a highly efficient system capable of performing a series of different hermetic seals on a board tray.

Proseal is part of the JBT Corporation family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing a service that surpasses customer expectations. 

“We maintain our proactive development program to ensure our machines continue to meet the needs of the demanding global food market whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and delivering value to our customers,” concludes Tony Burgess.