SeamTec 2

JBT Introduces SeamTec™ 2 Evolute For Powder Products

Commercially debuting at Anuga FoodTech 2024, the new infant formula seamer technology meets powder market demands and efficiency

SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium (March 19, 2024) JBT Corporation, a leading technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces the SeamTec™ 2 Evolute for powder products. This development offers significant improvements in hygienic design and cleanability, ergonomics, and machine simplicity while retaining the high-performing core features for powder, such as spill reduction, packaging size flexibility, and explosion-proof technology. The seamer can be used in an expanded number of configurations by infant formula producers.

The SeamTec™ 2 Evolute features redesigned elements to exceed powder market demands and optimize production. The powder seamer is easier to operate and maintain with its simplified design and features a large window for maximized visibility inside. Additionally, the reduction of the technology’s footprint allows for improved layout optimization and cost reduction.

 Key features for the infant formula market include:

  • Hygienic Design: No infeed chain is required, no hollow body design and a sealed-off seaming area. The new open design is easier to clean and reduces the amount of lubricant for operations and guarantees no airborne oil particles, making the equipment more hygienic and further reducing contamination risks during production.
  • Reduced Powder Spill: Features an infeed scroll till seaming table, stopping lifter and the highest amount of seaming heads possible within the market for decreased rotational speed.
  • Ergonomics: Combined with a heavily reduced weight of change parts, the ergonomics of the equipment are heavily improved and feature poka-yoke and combi execution.
  • Multiple Configurations: Configuration for each high-speed powder application, while having the possibility for low change-over possibilities for a 3, 4, and 6-head and combi 4, combi 6, and triple 6 are possible. All possible for POE or DDE cans, with the possibility for changeover.

“The evolving requirements within the industry in terms of hygienic design, ease of use and economical constraints created the need for a redesign which resulted in the SeamTec™ 2 Evolute for Powder,” said Ronald Annendijck, JBT’s Global Product Line Manager Filling & Closing. “This equipment is an unrivaled seaming technology offering the highest hygienic design currently within the market.”

JBT has established itself as a reliable, single point of contact for integrated and complex production lines. The SeamTec ™ 2 Evolute is the latest addition to the unique and renowned PLF International’s vacuum filling technology, which has served and elevated global brands for over three decades. With this latest development, the SeamTec™ 2 Evolute displays mastering of the core technology for an efficient and performing production line.

“I am proud of the team for developing this state-of-the-art technology, which will be a game changer in this market segment for infant formula. The SeamTec™ 2 Evolute is a breakthrough development, which we proudly add to the most recent and successful launches in the last 24 months, such as the Vacuum Gassing System (VGS)™ and Virtus™ Modular Inline Filler, all primarily targeting infant formula and other valuable powdery products,” said Amedeo Scapin, Global Director Product Lines, Diversified Food and Health. “The production of safe, high-quality infant formula is critical, and JBT continues to exceed expectations in the development of the safest, most hygienic technology available to processors today.”

“JBT is known to be a reliable single point of contact for integrated and complex production lines (ISP) and with this latest development SeamTec™ 2 Evolute we master the core technology for an efficient and performing production line,” Scapin adds.

The solution was developed with the JBT Research & Technology Center for Filling & Closing in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

Customers of the SeamTec™ 2 Evolute can opt into the total maintenance package with JBT’s PRoCARE®, offering remote, real-time support and scheduled visits from JBT technicians to ensure the seamer is running at its best, avoiding unexpected stoppages and keeping production running.

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