The PLF VGS (Vacuum Gassing Seamer) system is designed to provide a next level solution for the modified atmosphere packaging of infant formula and special medical formula powders.

Our new patented vacuum, gassing and seaming process separates the operations of a traditional vacuum gassing seamer into two distinct stages. Firstly, air is evacuated from the filled can and replaced with an inert N2/CO2 gas mix before moving onto the single seaming station. All operations are carried out in a low oxygen environment to ensure very low levels of RO are achieved in the sealed can.

VGS sustainability

Features & Benefits

  • Dust Free Environment
  • Sealed filling station, to ensure a virtually dust free zone
  • Less than 1% Residual Oxygen achievable.
  • Low CO2 / nitrogen use (per kg produced).
  • Powder free seams.
  • Gas extract
  • Reduced complexity, easy and fast product set-up & changeover
  • No use of prongs/probes to assist the gassing process
  • Single seaming head for fast changeovers
  • No powder loss through evacuation process
  • Dedicated for powder applications with 304 St.St open section frame with 316 and FDA approved product contact parts.
  • All surfaces are easily cleaned and are designed in accordance with EHEDG principles to ensure no bug or dirt traps.