Our PLF Virtus In-line Vacuum Filler from PLF International is designed to specifically handle a wide range of milk based nutritional powders including infant formula and specialized medical nutrition at speeds up to 180cpm.

Developed by PLF’s experienced team, the Virtus incorporates a new patent pending nozzle design that delivers up to 3-times higher throughput per head than previous machines, which greatly reduces changeover and cleaning times, maximizes yield, and reduces operational costs.

Compared to auger filling systems, PLF’s vacuum filling system has no moving parts in contact with the product, which eliminates any risk of product contamination, as well as the possibility of powder breakdown during filling.

Features & Benefits

• No product contamination risk
• Hygienic design, designed for clean room use for milk formula products
• Gentlest product handling
• Lowest powder giveaways
• Dust free environment
• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• Rapid changeovers
• Modularity
• Cans, glass, plastic, PET of any shape or size can be handled on one machine
• Individual head weight adjustment for maximum weight control


Compared to rotary fillers, the Virtus requires less power for vacuum and low maintenance because of the new design with fewer parts

180x350 1

50% reduction in electrical demand

180x350 12

20% reduction in compressed air demand

180x350 13

30% reduction in machine footprint


  • All surfaces are easily cleaned and are designed in accordance with EHEDG principles to ensure no bug or dirt traps
  • Dedicated for powder applications with 304 stainless steel open section frame with 316 st.st and FDA approved product contact parts
  • Cable trays / cabinets mounted with spacing for easy cleaning
  • Continuous welds and rounded corners
  • No exposed threads, and no hollow bodies
  • Low-adhesion stainless steel surface ViwaTeq treatment for low adhesion of powder and easy cleanability on product contact parts
  • ATEX approved

Options & Models

  • The new range will be offered in 1,2,3,4 and 6 head models, and run at speeds of up to 180 can per minute with configurable options to meet the needs of its’ customers
  • JBT iOPS capability, which analyzes equipment and process performance in real time
  • Different types of nozzles available
  • PLF In-Line Gassing system can be incorporated into the design to reduce oxygen to maximize shelf life