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Our Laser Coding System provides a complete solution for date and batch coding of products and packaging across a wide range of manufacturing sectors from individual packs to outer completed cases, where product identification codes and batch numbers are required to complement product traceability.

Features & Benefits

  • Codes a range of container types including cans, composite, glass, etc.
  • Vision inspection system for code confirmation or rejection
  • No ink replacement/storage – delivering cleaner operation
  • Air filtration for hygienic operation
  • No lubrication regime – low maintenance
  • Multiple language or symbols for use worldwide


  • Unlimited lines of text in any orientation and a range of fonts and sizes
  • Suitable for both graphics and 2D datamatrix codes
  • Speeds up to 300 cpm – text dependent.

Options & Models

  • Automatic position setting for container changeover
  • Optional embedded Ethernet protocols