Features & Benefits

  • No auger, so product breakdown is minimized and product integrity intact
  • Low dust filling application
  • Gentlest product handling
  • Versatility to fill non-flow products by vacuum and free-flowing products by volume
  • Cans, glass, plastic, PET of any shape or size can be handled on one machine
  • Easy to clean, rapid changeover, low maintenance design
  • Designed for clean-room use for milk formula products
  • Individual head weight adjustment for maximum weight control


  • ATEX approved
  • Belt-driven under drive system
  • Oil-free design – minimal lubrication
  • Individual head weight control
  • Latest PackML control methodology

Options & Models

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic options
  • Single head, twin-head, three head, 6 head in-line, and high-speed rotary up to 300 cpm
  • PLF In-Line Gassing system can be incorporated into the design to reduce oxygen to maximize shelf life