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JBT’s PLF International Expands Capabilities of SeamTec™ for Infant Formula Powder Technology

SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium (Sep. 04, 2023) — JBT Corporation’s PLF International, a leading technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces updates to the SeamTec™ for Powder, a high-speed edition of JBT’s SeamTec™ Seamer created to better serve manufacturers of the infant formula processing industry. The new SeamTec™ for Powder handles infant formula cans with both conventional Peel Off Ends (POE) and Deep Drawn Ends (DDE) to meet the demands for more flexible packaging.

The DDE is a design innovation that enables scoops to be stored separately from the powder to ensure maximum hygiene, a top priority for infant formula producers today. Manufacturers no longer need to choose between POE or DDE with the SeamTec™ for Powder handling both solutions on the same seamer, allowing customers to switch between systems with minimal change-over time. The SeamTec™ for Powder was developed by JBT and PLF International engineers in association with a in 2014. Today, the solution is now available to all infant formula producers, making it the benchmark for clinching and closing technology for infant formula.

“The SeamTec™ for Powder is the premier seaming technology available today with its superior hygienic design, quick can diameter change-over, minimal powder spill and consistently high-quality can and seam quality,” said Ronald Annendijck, JBT’s Global Product Line Manager Filling & Closing. “As the needs of formula producers and the end-consumer evolve, JBT and PLF International continue to push the envelope in technology innovation to effectively serve them.”

The SeamTec™ for Powder and its new adaptation allows JBT to offer three solutions for infant formula producers. For customers with existing JBT SeamTec™ for Powder, POE or DDE solutions, JBT can convert their SeamTec to handle both DDE and POE. In the cases where customers operate a non-JBT seamer, JBT can take back the existing machine and install a new DDE/POE SeamTec™ for Powder.

Additionally, JBT now offers its PRoCARE® preventative maintenance with its SeamTec™ Seamers. Remote, real-time support and scheduled visits from JBT technicians will ensure the seamer is maintained in an optimum condition, thus avoiding unexpected stoppages and keeping production running.

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