Northfield CleanFREEZE™ Spiral Freezer

JBT Introduces New CleanFREEZE™ Spiral Freezer

Food processors to benefit from sanitary design, superior performance and easy maintenance

March 29, 2021, CHICAGO – JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT) today announced the launch of its new freezer, the JBT Northfield CleanFREEZE™ Spiral Freezer. JBT’s Northfield brand has been leading the development, engineering and field proven expertise in spiral freezers for more than 40 years.

The CleanFREEZE freezer delivers sanitary design, superior performance and easy maintenance for high-volume freezing, chilling and cooling of a wide range of both packaged and individual quick freeze (IQF) food products.

“Customers told us they needed a freezer that could deliver better hygiene, reduced downtime and easier maintenance, and that’s what we created with the CleanFREEZE freezer,” said Brittan Gill, Segment Leader, Freezers at JBT.

The CleanFREEZE freezer’s sanitary design features a fully welded enclosure, minimal overlapping joints, an open profile frame, sloped surfaces and capless solid plastic rails to eliminate bacteria traps.

Further enhancing freezer hygiene, the CleanFREEZE freezer can be equipped with JBT’s Clean-in-Place technology, a complete and open sanitation system that defrosts, rinses, washes, disinfects and dries the freezer with minimal manual intervention required. With Clean-in-Place, complete freezer sanitation can be done in less than four hours for most models.

Built with externally-mounted fan motors and stairs instead of ladders, the CleanFREEZE freezer also provides safe, easy and efficient access for maintenance activities. In addition, uptime is optimized with a cold-to-cold turnaround of only four hours for most models.

“We’re proud to bring the CleanFREEZE freezer to market because it will greatly improve our customers’ operations,” said Gill. “It’s what customers expect of JBT, and we’re happy to deliver.”

For more information about the CleanFREEZE freezer, visit or contact Morgan Tone, Marketing Specialist at JBT.


Morgan Tone, Marketing Specialist
[email protected]

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