Seafood and Meet the AV-S

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that in the last 30 days, over half of all Americans have eaten shellfish –– there would be even more if they didn’t have to shuck it.

Seafood lovers rejoice and meet JBT/Avure’s AV-S. It’s the world’s fastest shucker for oysters, lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams and scallops. No wonder when seafood companies buy an HPP machine,  the majority buy a JBT/Avure HPP machine!

Here’s how HPPing shellfish works: the shellfish is placed in pure, cold water that is subjected to 87,000 psi, six times the pressure in the deepest part of the ocean. The HPP process for seafood separates shells and sand from meat, kills any pathogens in shellfish and gives the shellfish a longer shelf life than non-HHP’d shellfish. It also hydrates the meat, which increases yields compared to conventional processes. Using high pressure pasteurization means that the shellfish has superior nutrition, mouthfeel, and taste. 

Seafood processors reap extraordinary benefits through the application of high pressure to enhance product offerings and expand market opportunities. HPP is extensively used in the lobster and oyster industries for the extraction of meat with limited or no manual labor. 

HPP allows 100% product yield without loss of product quality and nutritional benefits. Small to large shellfish and crustacean companies are major users of HPP for meat separation and finest quality meat for sushi and other premium entrée items. Also, at lower pressures HPP separates 100% of meat from the shells without the use of heat and increases total meat yield in lobster by 80% compared to heat. 

The health benefits of HPP are impressive, as well. The FDA and other global food safety agencies have recognized HPP as a decontamination process for a number of pathogens that can be present in seafood, such as Vibrio, Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli. HPP is also used for the inactivation of Anisakis and other parasites in sushi grade seafood items

What makes the AV-S exceptional is that it’s the only HPP system exclusively designed for seafood. The machine’s innovative vertical design lets sand and shells fall away, resulting in reduced labor costs and preventing damage to the shellfish meat. As a result, the AV-S process and carefully calibrated pressure increases meat yields by up to 80% compared to other methods.

Shucks Maine Lobster, who has grown to become Maine’s most innovative producer of value-added “MSC Certified Sustainable” Maine Lobster products, said it best: “Yes, people love Maine Lobster…but they love it more when you shuck it for them.”